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February 27, 2007

Naked Conversations, part II

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In the first half of Naked Conversations, Scoble and
Israel sing the praises of blogs.
There are obviously a number of good reasons for businesses to blog. However, in the second half of the book, Scoble and Israel also argue that some businesses and their employees should not blog. These include companies that are restrictive in their cultures or handle sensitive information that should not be in the blogosphere. They also address the time it takes to blog and respond to comments as the ‘dark’ side of blogs.

Scoble and Israel admit that reasons not to blog are pretty self-evident. Thankfully, they also give practical advice for those who want to blog. Most importantly, they recommend that blogs should be authentic, and not be written as if you’re an advertising executive or marketer. Of course, there are some blogs like Captain Morgan, that are written as a character which people know isn’t real that have seen some success.

They also give a number of tips. They discuss how to name a blog so that it is opitmized and can be identified on search engines. Posts should be simple and focused while demonstrating passion and authority. Since blogging is considered a conversation, bloggers should allow comments and be accessible to their audiences. It can’t be one-sided or readers may lose interest. Ultimately, a blogger has to tell a story. If it’s boring, then it will show. The guidelines presented in Scoble’s Weblog Manifesto are good advice for beginner bloggers like me.


Lastly, Scoble and Israel discuss new media technologies that are changing how consumers receive information. RSS and videocasts, among others, allow us to receive hundreds of updates on the topics we subscribe to, rather than searching individual web pages. It certainly is a time saver.


I thought the advice Scoble and Israel gave in the last half of their book was good and I think there are many bloggers out there who need to read this book. There are a lot of useless blogs out there which claim to be an authority on a topic. I’m unsure whether or not many bloggers realize that it is the conversation that is more important than the post. Ultimately, that’s what this book is about, open and honest conversations that are revolutionizing the future of business. Businesses, if they want to remain successful, will have to do a good job of communicating and listening to their customers.


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